Author Frequently Asked Questions

Product Details

What products can I sell on Guru Land?

Guru Land was created to offer educational materials and accelerators to professionals to help them increase their knowledge and level of productivity.  Hence, only products that meet this goal can be offered for sale on Guru Land.

You can sell any type of Digital/Virtual product.  This may include eBooks, Check Lists, Presentations, Configuration Guides, How To Instructions, as well as Instructional Videos.

As long as the product is available in a digital file format, you can sell it on Guru Land.

How long should my product be?

The key idea behind Guru Land is to create products that provide point solutions to specific problems.  Consequently, the product should be long enough to provide a comprehensive solution without any additional “overhead,” “filler” or “fluff.”  

Compared to a traditional book, a book on Guru Land should be the length of a typical chapter or two, i.e. under 100 pages. 

For videos we recommend a length under 15 minutes.

This will allow for the user to quickly consume the information and apply it.

Can I sell Full Length Books or Longer Videos?

Yes you can!

However, we recommend that you “break up" your book into smaller/individual products.  This will allow you to start earning income as soon as each product is ready, instead of waiting to complete the entire book.  Once multiple products are available for sale, you can then combine these smaller products into Bundles, which could be equivalent to a Full Length book.

The beauty of offering Bundles is that it allows the user to pick only the relevant information/"chapters" that they truly need, instead of buying the “whole book."

You can also offer special pricing when they buy a Bundle compared to the price the customer would pay for each product individually.

Can I sell Courses on Guru Land?

Yes you can!

You can create an entire course that combines multiple short videos and other materials.

Preparing Your Product

Will you edit my product?

You are responsible for proof-reading, editing, and formatting your product.  You must also provide Front and Back cover images.  The covers do not need to be “fancy,” however, as the saying goes, a book is judged by its cover…

What formats do you support?

For “Print Products" we primarily support PDFs, however you can also offer EPUB and MOBI versions of your product.  We do not convert files to these additional formats at this time.

We also support popular video file formats.

How can I offer my product for sale on Guru Land?

Contact us and we will send you our New Product Checklist.  We reserve the right to not offer a product for sale that does not meet our quality standards.  Rejected products will be returned with our feedback.

How long does it take for a product to become available for sale on Guru Land?

Once a complete submission is received (per our New Product Checklist), we will strive to make it available for sale within 3 business days, if not sooner.  The author will receive an email with a link to their product page once it is available for sale.

Royalties and Fees

How are my products priced?

You determine the price for which your product will be sold.

The recommended price for a product under 100 pages or 15 minutes of video is 9.95 USD. This price will encourage volume and “impulsive/no-brainer” buys, as long as the product is solving an urgent problem for the user.

You can also offer special pricing for Bundles and Courses. Contact us for more information on Pricing Options.

How much do I earn per product?

Your base royalty is 60% of the actual sale price (not including taxes, if applicable). A sliding scale with an increasing royalty value will be introduced soon.

What are the selling fees?

There are no selling, payment processing, or any other fees.

How often will I receive payment for my sales?

We will issue payment 60 days from the end of the month for all sales that were made in that month.  For example, for all sales made in January, payment will be issued at the end of March.

How will I receive my royalties?

Royalty Payments will be made to your PayPal account.

Can I issue a coupon for a promotion?

Yes you can!

Please contact us and we will set-up a coupon that you can distribute for your products.  The coupon can be a percentage discount or a fixed dollar discount.

You can also offer a discount when selling multiple products in a Bundle.

Other Questions

How Can I Promote My Products?

There are two easy ways to promote your products:

      1. As an expert, you will have your own page that includes your bio, link to your LinkedIn Profile, and a list of all your products that are available for sale on Guru Land. Add that link to your email signature, on your social media profile, and on your social media/blog posts.
      2. Each product listing includes several social media “Share" buttons that you can use to easily promote the product on the major social media networks.

Do I own the copyright?

All products offered for sale must be originally produced by the creator.  Any infringement or violation of copyright laws will trigger immediate removal of the offending product from the site and may prevent the creator from selling any products on Guru Land.

As the original creator of the product, you continue to own the copyright to your products.

Can I sell my products on other sites?

Yes you can!

However we have a royalty sliding scale that enables you to receive a higher royalty based on the total sales of your products. So the less outlets you sell the product at, the higher the commission you can earn at Guru Land!

How do you protect my products?

Each PDF file is marked with a personalized watermark on every page that identifies the original buyer of the product and the order information.

The file can be printed, however it cannot be modified or annotated, and copy-and-paste of the content is not permitted.

In addition, in order to download a purchase, you must be logged into the Guru Land website. All purchases are linked to the email account that was used at the time of sale, hence a user can only download files that were purchased with their account.

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